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Kids MedAssist Campaign
Jun 2013, 21
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Kids MedAssist Campaign

Did you Know? 


A medication error is three times more likely to occur in a child than in an adult, and children are more likely to be harmed. 


Overdosing on over the counter medicines can also lead to severe side effects. 


Annually 1 out of every 180 children aged 2 years is treated in an emergency room for a medication overdose.


An estimated 71,000 emergency room visits for medication overdoses are made annually by children aged < 18 years old.






The Kids MedAssist Campaign will partner with health care facilities, health care providers and child care facilities to distribute medicaiton management information and products to parents around the country. These partnerships will ensure that our Kids MedTracker products will be available for all parents that need them.





Increase the use of medication management tools 


Decrease preventable at home medicaiton errors 


Create national dialogue about children's at home medicaiton errors 


Create a passive national kids medicaiton overdose safety surveillance program (similar to VAERS for vaccines) with health care provider and parental submission portals